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Quizzler Quizzes With Pictures


To create palm-compatible pictures and add those pictures to a Quizzler quiz, you may need to use separate, third-party software called FireViewer Suite. FireViewer Suite can be found at: www.Firepad.com. FireViewer Suite is available as a free trial and costs $29.95 for purchase.

You must own a copy of Quizzler Pro to create a quiz that contains pictures. Once created, any version of Quizzler can be used to take the quiz.

FireViewer Suite contains:

  • Fire Converter, is a program that runs on your desktop computer which enables PC and Mac users to convert existing graphic images from your desktop into a Palm compatible format (.pdb).
  • FireViewer is a program that runs on your Palm device and enables you to view the images you have converted using Fire Converter. Your images will be stored in a FireViewer database called FireViewerDB.

How to get your image on your Palm:

A Quizzler quiz that contains pictures will consists of two parts: the actual quiz file, and a database file containing the pictures. The quiz file contains links to the picture database file.

After downloading and installing FireViewer Suite, run the Fire Converter program to convert one or more images for your Palm. Remember, images must be 160 x 160 pixels. After successful conversion, you will need to HotSync to transfer the images to your Palm.

After the HotSync, open the FireViewer program on the Palm handheld and you will see your image(s) in a list. You may see other files in this list such as movie files, but the important thing to remember is the numbered position of your particular image(s). It may be the first image in the list which would be position 0, or the fifth image in the list position, which would be position 4. It’s important to remember that the first item in the list is always 0. You will have to count the images.

How to add pictures to your Quizzler quiz:

1) When writing/creating the actual quiz, a special tag is required at the end of the question for which you'd like to add a picture.

For example, here is a sample quiz question with a picture tag added:
According to this picture, which direction is Loganville?##FireViewerDB:4

2) You'll notice on our example that directly after the question, a tag called “##FireViewerDB:4” was added. By adding this tag, you are telling your quiz to go to your FireViewer Database and reference picture number 4 in the image list, thus the tag:


If you had 10 images in your FireViewer database, you would simply replace the number "4" in our example with the position number of the image you’d like to reveal.