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Quizzler Maker

Make Your Own Electronic Flashcards & Exams

  • Application runs on Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Creates quiz database files for any platform (Palm, Pocket PC, Windows, Macintosh)
  • Make your own quizzes in a snap!
  • Preview your quizzes, and print paper exams
  • Export quizzes to iPod and interactive web pages

With Quizzler Maker, you can create quizzes for Quizzler in a snap! You don't need to know anything about the Quizzler file format. Just follow the simple graphical user interface, and Quizzler Maker will generate a quiz file for you that will run on Palm, Pocket PC, Windows, or Macintosh. You can even export your quizzes to run on an iPod, or publish interactive quiz web pages! Quizzler Maker makes it easy to add advanced features such as pictures, chapters, and explanations to your quizzes.

Now you can preview your quiz right on the desktop, and copy or print quizzes that can be handed out on paper. Choose whether to scramble the questions and answers, and Quizzler Maker will automatically generate an answer key. This is a quick way to create multiple versions of the same exam to prevent copying off a neighbor.

Automatic quiz making "wizards"

With the registered version, you can create quizzes with just a couple clicks. The Wizard button lets you create the following types of quizzes:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Number Series (guess the next number)
  • Algebra (solve for 'x')