About Quizzler

Quizzler lets you create and run quizzes for a variety of platforms:

  • Palm OS handhelds and Treos
  • Windows Mobile handhelds and Treos,
  • Windows desktop
  • Macintosh desktop
  • Original iPods with text displays
  • Web browsers
  • and now the iPhone and iPod Touch

Educators use Quizzler in the classroom. Beam quizzes from your PDA to student PDA's, and students beam test results back to the teacher for instant classroom asessment and statistics. Read more about the Quizzler Classroom.

The FREE Quizzler Reader software is available for all supported platforms. Use Quizzler Maker to create quizzes. Use Quizzler Pro Server to send quiz results and instant polls (clickers) over a WiFi network.

If you are an iPhone user and want to see more Quizzler products for the iPhone, let us know! Email us at info@pocketmobility.com

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