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Quizzler is the leading cross platform quiz and assessment software used extensively by both students and teachers. We offer products for Windows, Macintosh, Palm handhelds, and Pocket PC handhelds. You can even export your quizzes to run on iPhone, iPods, or create interactive web pages!

You can use the free Quizzler Reader to read any quiz, and play lots of free quizzes from our Quiz Library. You can also create your own quizzes or flashcards using our simple and easy Quizzler Maker software.

FREE Quiz Library

We've created and collected many quizzes that are free for you to download, or try online. In fact, you will find over 15,000 questions in our quiz library. We encourage Quizzler users to send us your quizzes to include in the library -- please share!

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NEW Quizzler Maker 5.6

Quizzler Maker 5.6 adds automatic quiz creation "wizards". With just a couple clicks you can generate your own customized quizzes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number series, algebra. Version 5.6 now exports to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

TIP: Import Quizzes

You may already have some quiz questions that are in a Word document, for example. Just by adding a few lines to the top of the file and rearranging the questions slightly, you can import all the questions at once into Quizzler Maker. Just make sure your plain text file complies with the Quizzler file Format, and use the "Open" menu option in Quizzler Maker to import the questions.

Quiz Protection for Authors and Teachers

Quizzler Maker uses plain text files as its "source", and produces encrypted PDB files as output. You can freely distribute the PDB files and know that your quiz is protected from prying eyes. Your intellectual property is safe and students can't cheat by peaking at the answers.

Quizzler on iPhone

Quizzler Maker 5.6 now exports web pages optimized for iPhone. Check out our iPhone friendly mobile site here with free online quizzes.

Quizzler Product Line

Quizzler Reader. FREE. Use this to read any quiz you create with Quizzler Maker. (certain commercial quizzes must be registered before they function) Runs on Windows, Mac, Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld PDAs and smartphones. For iPhone and iPod, the built-in browsers are used.

Quizzler Maker. Use this to create your own quizzes, to print quizzes, to export quizzes to iPod, and create interactive quiz web pages. FREE version will build quizzes with up to 10 questions; registered version will build larger quizzes and includes automatic quiz generator for math quizzes.

Quizzler Unique Features

Quizzler is special because it runs on many platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. You can even export your quizzes to an iPod or iPhone (not all features supported) and create interactive web pages.

Quizzler lets you use colored and formatted text, pictures, and up to 10 possible answers. You can switch between flashcard mode and multiple choice. You can choose study mode or exam mode. Questions and/or answers are randomized for you.

Quizzler authors can embed "smart" advanced features, so you have more control over how they are used. You can assign points to each answer, hide the score until the end, set a timer, set a limited number of uses, and even require a pass code to begin the quiz.

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