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Download Quizzler 5 Software for Palm

We are offering this version of Quizzler version 5 for Palm devices to you so you can try out the new features. Quizzler 5 brings many new features to Pocket PC and Windows users, but the Palm version of Quizzler has historically been more advanced. Since Quizzler 5 is a total rewrite Palm users will see some new features, but some old features are missing at this point in time. For this reason, you can keep the old and new versions of Quizzler installed on the same device until all the missing gaps from the old version have been incorporated into the new version.

Release Notes

  • These installers will only work with Palm OS 5 devices; software has been optimized for hi-res 320x320 screens.
  • There is some support for sending/receiving quiz scores via Infrared, Bluetooth, and WiFi, but more testing needs to be done in this area (you can use the old Quizzler for this using Infrared)
  • You need to install both the SuperWaba software and then the Quizzler software
  • Quizzler 5 can coexist with the older Quizzler; you will see both icons
  • Any JPG images must be stored on a memory card, in the /DCIM folder, OR in main memory if you use Quizzler Maker 5.1 to create a picture catalog (file ends with "_p.pdb")
  • This version will only read quizzes that reside in main memory (except for any JPG images needed; see above)

Download Links

Install SuperWaba for Palm OS 5 devices

Install Quizzler 5.4